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Treasury At A Glance

Why an Effective Working Capital Management Strategy Matters

Now, more than ever, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your cash management strategy, ensuring that it can support your organization's overall growth objectives. By taking a strategic approach to managing working capital, Treasury will be better able to free vital cash flow and maintain a robust financial condition.

Is Cash Processing Inefficiency Causing You to Yank Your Hair Out?

Managing currency can be the bane of a treasury’s existence. Processing cash is both time-consuming and fraught with fraud risks. While many companies are seeing their cash collection cycles increase, they are also faced with a lack of visibility into their total cash position that puts the organization at a disadvantage. And all too frequently, payment decisions are made without the necessary insights needed to optimize disbursement strategies with domestic and international suppliers.

What’s New In Cash Flow Technology?

Keeping an eye on your payables, receivables and available cash is critical to your business success. Technologies are available to help make cash flow management simpler, less time intensive, and more accurate than ever.

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