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Fifth Third Bank

Foreign Exchange

From the simplest spot trade to complex hedging strategies, our customized solutions can assist in managing your company's currency risk.

We're here to help:

If your business imports or exports, or has U.S. dollar denominated international transactions, you are exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. This creates currency risk that can negatively impact your company's margins.

Fifth Third is a premier foreign trading network in the U.S., with eight trading desks across North America dealing in over 90 currencies. Working with us gives you access to tailored research, the latest market trends and economic pressures, and a strategy to help hedge against currency risk—all at competitive prices.

Let us help you identify your exposure, measure your risk, and establish a Foreign Exchange (FX) strategy to help protect your business.

Fifth Third Bank offers a range of customized FX solutions to help protect your hard-earned revenue while you focus on your core business.

Our solutions include:

  • Window forwards
  • Forwards
  • Structured options
  • FX loans
  • Vanilla options
  • Non-deliverable forwards
  • Collars
  • Participating forwards
  • MultiCurrency Accounts
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