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Wealth Management Insurance Solutions

It is our job to make sure that you have the right coverage to help protect your family's lifestyle, secure your business, and achieve your philanthropic goals.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

Cover your bases with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Your Wealth Management Advisor and Fifth Third Insurance Specialist will help you choose the right insurance protection to take care of the people you care about most and help prepare your business to weather unforeseen circumstances.

Do you need access to cash for a major purchase, but most of your money is tied up in long-term investments?

  • Are you using insurance as part of your estate plan?
  • Do you have the right personal insurance coverage to help protect your family's lifestyle?
  • Do you need to protect your business?

Insurance Solutions include:

Fifth Third Bank

Personal Life Insurance

Helping protect your family

Change can happen at any time. That's why it is important to take steps now to ensure your family's financial comfort in the future. You can help protect them and their lifestyle with life insurance coverage, disability coverage, or long-term care insurance.

Providing equally for heirs

For example, you may have several children and want to leave the family home to one of them. By establishing life insurance policies for the other children as beneficiaries in amounts equal to the value of your home, you can provide each with an equal inheritance.

Creating a comprehensive estate plan

Whether you have saved cash funds, built a valuable collection, or invested in a home or other property, we can help you establish a plan to distribute your assets. It is all part of your complete financial plan

Fifth Third Bank

Business Insurance

Keep your business going

Business succession planning can help you maintain your business if something were to happen to you or a business partner.

Attract and retain high-quality employees

Cost-effective incentives are critical to retaining good employees. Insurance solutions can reward employees and provide them with peace of mind. Our professionals can help you determine whether life or disability insurance, supplemental retirement plans, or executive bonus arrangements make sense for you and your employees.

Guard against the loss of key personnel

Do you have an employee who is key to your business and would be hard to replace? Help protect your company with key employee insurance that can help minimize the financial impact of losing a critical employee.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

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