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Fifth Third Bank

Global Import Solutions

Meet your international sourcing objectives with our global trade solutions for importers.

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Create opportunity while reducing risk

Purchasing goods and materials from overseas suppliers can offer enormous savings potential, but there is risk as well. The Global Trade Solutions team at Fifth Third Bank can help you achieve your international aspirations by evaluating the appropriate level of risk protection you need and arranging financing for you and your suppliers. We have many years of trade industry experience across a variety of disciplines, delivering hands-on guidance in using international payment instruments and in navigating international trade and banking channels.

Explore our solutions for importers

Import Letters of Credit

Fifth Third-issued import letters of credit can increase your level of confidence with international purchases. Our experience and expertise can facilitate your operations by:

  • Providing your foreign supplier with a payment commitment
  • Helping ensure against errors and other irregularities that could occur during your transaction
  • Conserving your cash until goods you order have been shipped—or longer

Import Financing

Timing is an important element in international purchases. Our import financing services can help you gain an edge by assisting with inventory management and making purchases when strategic opportunities arise.

Supply Chain Financing

Being able to count on the flow of goods, and the payment for those goods, can make all the difference in your success in the marketplace. With options such as approved payables financing, letters of credit, and receivables financing, our experienced supply chain financing team can help importers:

  • Reduce the cost of goods purchased
  • Reduce working capital requirements through improved days payable outstanding (DPO)
  • Develop a more stable supply base
  • Foster stronger buyer-seller relationships
  • Provide suppliers with better access to working capital

Import Documentary Collections

Fifth Third Bank can act as your trusted intermediary for delivery of import documents in accordance with instructions provided by your suppliers. Our experienced documentary collections team can help by:

  • Making certain that documents are delivered by Fifth Third Bank once the seller’s collection instructions are met
  • Making immediate payment to your suppliers while refinancing you for extended terms using a banker's acceptance facility, if additional time is desired before paying
  • Using Fifth Third Global Trade DirectSM, our secure online portal, to provide one-stop information and automate the process of authorizing payment and accepting time drafts, thereby expediting the delivery of documents

Bankers’ Acceptance for Imports

Importers use bankers’ acceptances as a low-cost alternative to loans. Acceptances can be used to generate funds to pay suppliers for goods. Bankers' acceptances can be created in conjunction with transactions involving:

  • Letters of credit
  • Documentary draft collections
  • Open account purchases

Fifth Third Global Trade DirectSM

To be competitive in the international marketplace, you need to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Fifth Third Global Trade DirectSM leverages the power of Fifth Third DirectSM, our Internet portal, to help you better manage import and export activity online, including:

  • Initiating letters of credit
  • Monitoring letter of credit drawings
  • Receiving documentary draft collections
Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is a part of every international transaction. These transactions are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which create currency risk that can have a negative impact on your company’s margins. We have one of the largest foreign exchange trading desks in North America, so let us help you identify your exposure, measure your risk, and establish a Foreign Exchange (FX) strategy to help protect your business. By partnering with Fifth Third, you’ll benefit from:

  • One of the premier foreign trading networks in the U.S.
  • Eight trading desks located throughout North America
  • Extensive and adept trade execution experience
  • Price competitive solutions from a team you can trust
  • Tailored research to meet your specific needs
  • Educational seminars to keep you abreast of the latest markets trends, accounting changes, and economic pressures