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Wealth Management Diversified Investment Options

Critical to a good investment strategy is continually considering your investment diversification options and finding the appropriate level of risk for your time frame, your financial and life goals, and how tolerant you are of fluctuations in your portfolio.

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Private Bank Investment Diversification Options

Individual Securities

Investment options that you choose yourself.

Mutual Funds

A pool of securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other similar assets are invested and managed by professional money managers. Each shareholder owns shares in the fund and earns a share of interest or dividends earned by the investments in the fund.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)/Notes (ETNs)

An ETF is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a set of assets like an index fund. ETFs are bought and sold like common stocks and experience price changes through-out the day. An ETN is a senior, unsecured, unsubordinated debt security issued by an underwriting bank. ETNs have a maturity date and are backed only by the credit of the issuer.

Separately Managed Accounts

A portfolio of securities directly owned by the investor and managed according to a specific discipline and/or style by a professional investment manager.

Financial risk management solutions may include:


These can generate income or help protect against downside risk; although it may limit your upside potential.


These can provide temporary price protection from a large downward move on a stock. If you are willing to give up some upside potential in order to minimize downside risk, an equity collar may be an appropriate and cost-effective tool.

Prepaid Forward Contracts

These can be used to monetize a concentrated stock position without selling the stock, and as a potential way to defer taxes. Prepaid forwards may also help to protect against downside risk while retaining a portion of upside potential and generating cash for investing.

Considering your investment diversification options.

Individual Securities
Mutual Funds
Separately Managed Accounts
Cash and Equivalents
Tax Exempt
Fixed Income
High Yield
Tax Exempt
Inflation Indexed
Large Cap Global
Large Cap Domestic
Small/Mid Cap Domestic
Developed International
Emerging Markets
Real Estate
Real Estate
Alternative Strategies
Core Diversifiers
Opportunistic Diversifiers
Private Equity
Structured Notes