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Fifth Third Bank

Private Bank Trust and Estate Trust Administration

Our experienced trust administration professionals can work with you and your attorney to help you customize a trust, creating an important component of your estate plan.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

Fifth Third provides trust administration and estate services that help you plan for your future, protect your family, and distribute your assets.

  • Plan for your future. During your lifetime, we can help you make the most of your assets. We can hold the assets in trust as your trustee and custodian, as well as assist you with asset management, cash flow, and tax planning strategies.*

    One of the benefits of setting up a trust is that the assets held in trust do not go through the probate process, so they pass quickly and privately to your heirs. In addition, your trust may also help protect your assets from creditors and provide tax benefits.

  • Help protect your family. If you or your partner becomes unable to handle financial responsibilities, your trust can be used to provide for your care during periods of disability or incompetence. Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one's ability to handle finances; a trust can also be structured with provisions to meet the present and future needs of children, grandchildren, or other loved ones.
  • Distribute your assets in a way that reflects your wishes and values. Fifth Third Private Bank has been effectively and efficiently administering trusts for over 100 years for high net worth families.

Do you have a special cause you would like to support?

We can help you to generate current income tax benefits, while supporting your important charitable causes, through trust vehicles, such as a Charitable Remainder Trust. In addition, our trust administration professionals will work with your attorney, CPA, or other outside advisors to create a holistic charitable giving program that gives you peace of mind.

Learn more about our Charitable Trust Services

Choosing a trustee is an important, personal decision.

While you may have a friend or family member you can rely on, there are many benefits to hiring a corporate trustee, such as Fifth Third Bank. As experienced, objective professionals, we can help ensure the smooth transition of your estate according to your wishes.