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Estate Settlement Wealth Transfer

One of the most important considerations for an individual is the transfer of wealth and estate to your children, grandchildren, loved ones, and important causes.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

While many people might automatically think about their will or power of attorney, it is what is inside those documents that count.

When thinking about wealth transfer, many people automatically think about how to minimize the tax impacts of their estate. While this is important, the family dynamics often have the biggest effect on the successful transfer of assets, according to your wishes.

Studies have shown that families who communicate openly have the highest probability of a successful transfer. Our experienced Wealth Planners and Trust Officers can help you address this conversation head on.

Questions we will consider with you:

  • Have you had a major life event that may change your situation such as a new child, grandchild, marriage, or divorce?
  • Have you updated your will or revised your plan or considerations for any reason?
  • Have you inherited money yourself and want to preserve previous intents?
  • Is retirement of a spouse or the health considerations of a loved one a factor?
  • Are all the children or grandchildren receiving similar assets or are there other considerations because the asset type may differ?
  • Is there a business succession strategy that needs to be considered?

While the tangible assets are often the first line of thought, individuals often define their true wealth as their causes, their family, and the imprint they leave.

A solid wealth transfer plan, using our Life360 process considers the entire picture for the legacy you are writing for yourself.

Learn more about our Life360 process