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Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Global Treasury Solutions

Our global commercial banking services can help you gain a competitive edge

Overcome international banking challenges

Fifth Third Bank can leverage our relationships with banks in other countries and simplify the day-to-day management of your foreign accounts. Our dedicated global treasury services and delivery team focuses solely on foreign currency accounts, to bring you the innovative solutions required to succeed as you conduct business around the world.

With Fifth Third Bank you can count on:

  • A centralized, online banking platform. With Fifth Third DirectSM, you can take advantage of online, single sign-on access to your domestic and foreign accounts, including all prior-day details
  • Online same-currency wire initiation
  • A United States service contact for your foreign account needs
  • Foreign Currency Account services
  • An experienced foreign exchange advisor

International accounts and services

Simplify your transactions with Canada

A Fifth Third CanLink Account is designed to make doing business in Canada simpler and more profitable. It can be used as a depository, disbursement, or funding point for your business that can be denominated in Canadian or U.S. funds. With CanLink and Fifth Third Direct, our online banking portal, you can:
  • Accept Canadian in-country payments directly to your account
  • Initiate wire payments (from Fifth Third DirectSM) to other foreign accounts
  • Fifth Third Identity Theft Protection Services
  • Access your Canadian and domestic accounts1

Simplify your foreign currency transactions

Fifth Third Bank's MultiCurrency Advantage Account can help you manage foreign payables and receivables in as many as 25 different currencies. As a result, your business can better manage international cash flow while reducing the risk of currency value fluctuations. You’ll also benefit from:
  • The ability to control the timing of foreign exchange conversions
  • Reduction of foreign exchange conversion costs
  • The ability to hold foreign currency balances for later payments or repatriation
  • Timely disbursements, allowing for greater leverage of available cash balances
  • Daily payment, receivable, and balance details to better service your clients
  • Single sign-on access to your domestic and foreign accounts through Fifth Third DirectSM

Keep imports and exports moving smoothly

Our dedicated corporate traders and service specialists can facilitate international wire transfers and drafts 24 hours a day, in more than 90 currencies throughout the world quickly and easily through our Internet portal, Fifth Third DirectSM.

Make payments in real time

Whether you're an importer, an exporter, and/or part of a multi-national corporation, we can help you make payments in real time and virtually anywhere through our extensive global network of foreign correspondent banks.

International drafts

We can help you initiate international drafts when timing is not as critical or when smaller payments are needed. Contact a Fifth Third Bank corporate trader or service specialist to learn which solution is best for your specific situation.

Manage multiple foreign bank accounts in one place

Infopool enables online access to all of your third-party international banking accounts through Fifth Third DirectSM, our commercial Internet solution. As a result, you’ll improve control of your domestic and international banking, which will allow you to:
  • Increase access and control over your foreign accounts
  • Gain uninterrupted access to all banking information
  • Take advantage of global account reporting
  • Customize security levels when assigning online account administrators and users
  • Consolidate balance and activity reporting

Optimize cash flow and minimize risk

If your business imports/exports or has U.S. dollar denominated international transactions, it has exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. This creates currency risk that can have a negative impact on your company’s margins. With one of the largest foreign exchange trading desks in North America, we can help you identify your exposure, measure your risk, and establish a Foreign Exchange (FX) strategy to help protect your business.

Transaction Risk:
Let us develop a foreign exchange strategy to help you protect profit margins that can be eroded by increasing costs.

Competitive Risk:
We can help you put a hedge in place when competition uses currency weakness or strength to gain a cost advantage.

Gain complete control of day-to-day trading activities with our solutions and online platforms.

These include forward contracts, FX options, collars, participating forwards, MultiCurrency Accounts, and more. With Fifth Third Bank, you’ll also benefit from:
  • One of the premier foreign trading networks in the U.S.
  • Eight trading desks located throughout North America
  • Extensive and adept trade execution experience
  • Price competitive solutions from a team you can trust
  • Tailored research to meet your specific needs
  • Educational seminars to keep you abreast of the latest markets trends, accounting changes, and economic pressures
SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), the global provider of secure financial messaging, enables its users to exchange automated, standardized financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs and reducing operational risk and inefficiencies.

Connection to Fifth Third Bank via SWIFT provides companies with a single secure channel over two SWIFT messaging platforms, instead of multiple proprietary connections. As a member of SCORE, Fifth Third supports the following:

  • Message validation
  • Message delivery monitoring and prioritization
  • Message storage and retrieval


  • MT101 - Request to Transfer
  • MT199 – Free Format Message
  • MT940 – Previous Day Statement (Corporate)
  • MT942 – Interim (Current Day) Transfer Report
  • MT900 – Confirmation of Credit
  • MT910 – Confirmation of Debit

SWIFTNet FileAct

  • Flexibility to send, receive, or download files in real-time or store-&-forward mode
  • File Transfer security based on SWIFTNet PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • File Transfer reliability for monitoring of transfer progress and status. Additional features include optional delivery notice that provides explicit confirmation of delivery by the receiver
  • Previous day and current day information reporting in BAI2 format
  • ACH Payments & confirmations
  • Wire Transfer payments
  • Integrated Payable files in ISO, CSV and EDI formats
To learn more about Fifth Third Bank’s SWIFT Capabilities contact your Global Treasury Management officer at