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Fifth Third Bank

Wealth Management Deposits

Access and manage all of your checking, savings, and investments in one place with multiple deposit services.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

Private Bank Deposit Services

You can choose from two deposit service options to meet your everyday cash flow needs: the Fifth Third Private Bank Checking Account3 and the Fifth Third Platinum Capital Account® (PCA®)3. Both accounts include a number of benefits that are exclusive to Fifth Third Private Bank clients.

Fifth Third Platinum Capital Account®

Fifth Third Platinum Capital Account® (PCA®) is a robust cash management tool that can help you organize your finances and simplify your life. It takes the hassle out of managing multiple accounts.

Fifth Third Private Bank also offers an interest-bearing FDIC-insured3,4 savings account to meet your everyday savings needs. Designed especially for Private Bank clients, this account is appropriate for those with larger balances seeking a high yield that lets you earn competitive interest rates, easy access through ATM, and online banking.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium interest rate. Please see a Private Bank Advisor for specific information.
  • Reimbursed Non-Fifth Third ATM Transaction Fees1 up to 10 per month

Other Benefits for Both Cash Management Solutions Include*:

Checks Complimentary standard personal checks; 50% discount on custom personal checks
Wire Transfer Complimentary (Domestic / International; Incoming / Outgoing)
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee2 Complimentary; The $12 per transfer fee is waived when you are enrolled in Overdraft Protection and have sufficient funds in your linked account
Cashier's Checks Complimentary (up to 4 per month)
CD Rates An additional 0.25% during the initial term of any standard rate CD of 6 months or longer
Return Deposit Fee Complimentary

The Fifth Third Platinum Capital Account® also offers:


No annual custody and recordkeeping fee

Reimbursement for up to $75 in "transfer-out" fees; No "transfer-in" fees

Discounted self-directed online trades