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Fifth Third Bank

Private Bank Estate Settlement Estate Settlement Administration

Fifth Third Bank through our estate settlement specialists, can serve as executor or agent for executor helping to alleviate stress for your family and ensuring an efficient settlement process.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

As an experienced executor, Fifth Third Private Bank can take care of all the necessary tasks, helping your family avoid errors and delays.

At a time that may be emotionally difficult for your family, your Fifth Third Private Bank team can help your family feel comfortable that your estate will be settled professionally and efficiently.

We can help you by:

  • Coordinating the estate settlement process with your attorney or CPA
  • Making sure your will is filed properly and timely with the courts
  • Coordinating the payment of your final debts
  • Filing your estate tax returns, if necessary, and arrange for estate distribution in accordance with your will and any trusts you may have established
  • Providing access to real estate specialists, appraisers, auctioneers, and additional resources as needed

We also work closely with your attorney to make sure your estate is settled according to your wishes.

Fifth Third Private Bank can help manage assets through complicated probate processes.

Our estate settlement specialists can navigate the probate process and help ease the burden for your family. Fifth Third Private Bank can provide investment management services for assets that have to go through the settlement process.

Not all assets have to go through probate

Assets that will not typically have to go through probate include assets in trusts you have established and jointly owned assets, such as bank accounts, that will pass directly to a joint owner if applicable. Other assets typically not subject to probate include insurance policies, 401(k)s, or IRAs for which you should have named a beneficiary.