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Fifth Third Bank

Integrated Payables Management

Process payments more efficiently with our payables and cash management services.

Contact a Treasury Management Officer.

Improve your working capital

Improving your payment processing directly improves your working capital. Our experienced, working capital focused professionals will provide customized treasury solutions to convert paper based items into electronic payments and improve your payment efficiency to help you:

  • Exercise more control over your payments
  • Have improved access to payment information
  • Reduce your fraud risk
  • Save time on routine processes
  • Put excess funds to work

Explore our integrated payables solutions

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Save the time and expense of writing, processing, mailing, and reconciling checks and reduce the inherent risks found in paper-based payments. Fifth Third’s ACH processing is easy to use and ideal for repeat payables such as payroll, reimbursements, dividends, interest, taxes, and more. With ACH you receive:

  • Availability of funds until the moment they are needed
  • Improved fraud control
  • Improved access to payment information

Controlled Disbursement

Our controlled disbursement solution is a smart and powerful technique that helps you get precise control over your cash balances. This solution expedites information on checks cleared, so you receive the total amount to be cleared against your accounts early each day. You’ll receive full balance summary, details of checks cleared, funding information, and message capabilities through Fifth Third DirectSM. As a result, you’ll have:

  • Better cash flow forecasting that allows you to make better borrowing decisions
  • Decreased chances of overdrawn accounts
  • Maximum investment income through early notification of clearing totals
  • Improved fraud detection

Wire Transfer

With Fifth Third Bank Wire Transfer, you have your funds precisely when and where you need them. You can initiate, manage, and track all your funds transfers through Fifth Third DirectSM, your secure online portal. You can take advantage of real-time information on all of your payment activity in multiple formats. Plus, we use state-of-the-art security technology on front-end and back-end processing.

Payroll Services

One of our objectives at Fifth Third is to help make your day-to-day business processes more efficient. Our payroll services though Paycor® offer a comprehensive payroll system that, coupled with banking services from Fifth Third Bank, can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs—and save you valuable time. Your dedicated Paycor payroll specialist will customize your payroll processing and employee direct deposit. Account reconciliation is simplified as your payroll funds are withdrawn in one lump sum, and deposited directly into employee accounts. You’ll also receive automatic payroll tax filing and have access to standard and custom reports online or on paper at no additional charge.

Tax Payment Services

Fifth Third takes the stress out of meeting tax deadlines, so you can focus on your business. With our tax payment services you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your taxes - federal, state, and local - are paid on time, every time. All you have to do is choose the payment schedule that best fits your needs. A Fifth Third Bank advisor will take care of the rest.

Healthcare Payables

As a national player in the healthcare arena, Fifth Third Bank has developed proven solutions that address the unique challenges with accounts payable in the healthcare industry. Our dedicated sales and service professionals, supported by our innovative technology, can help you:

  • Gain more control over your payments
  • Improve your access to payment information
  • Reduce your fraud risk
  • Save time on routine processes
  • Put excess funds to work

Commercial Card Program

Fifth Third's commercial card program allows for greater control over working capital with in depth reporting tools & fraud monitoring.