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Fifth Third Bank

Liquidity Solutions

Put your excess funds to work. Maximize your returns.

Fifth Third Bank’s suite of Liquidity Management solutions helps make sure your funds are there when you need them—while putting excess funds to work earning a return.

Our ongoing commitment to advances in technology, combined with our industry experience, provides you with solutions designed to help you maximize your working capital.

Find out how Fifth Third Bank’s Liquidity Management services can help your company achieve its goals.

You can maximize excess balances and earn interest when we “sweep” your available funds into one of our short-term investment accounts. You’ll always know where your account stands with daily reporting available through Fifth Third DirectSM, our secure, Internet portal.

Consider these Sweep Account options to help put your idle cash balances to work:
  • Consolidated Sweep: Aggregate your investable balances from multiple accounts to get a better rate based on the higher balances. We do not commingle balances from the individual accounts and we pay interest back to the individual accounts. You can use any sweep type for a Consolidated Sweep.
  • Money Market Account (MMA) Sweep: Our MMA Sweep is designed to help improve the productivity of your funds. We calculate the amount of collected funds in your commercial account after we post all credits and debits and automatically sweep surplus cash above the peg balance into the MMA Sweep.
  • NOW Sweep: A NOW Sweep transfers your excess funds from an Analysis Checking account into a NOW interest-bearing checking account. You can use the NOW Sweep if you want an investment vehicle that acts like a NOW account, but want to maintain a balance to cover service fees in your primary operating account.
  • Credit Sweep: Sweep funds in excess of the peg balance out of a checking account to offset a loan amount. The Credit Sweep can be set to pay down only or advance balances only. Credit Sweeps can help you reduce interest expenses and cover outstanding debt.
  • Eurodollar Sweep: Eurodollars are U.S. dollar-denominated deposits made at our offshore branch in the Cayman Islands.
  • Fed Funds Sweep: Available only to Financial Institution customers, the Fed Funds Sweep transfers your excess funds—over the peg balance—out of an Analysis Checking account and into a Fed Funds Sweep account.
We understand that you want to use your account balances for more than payables and receivables. When you concentrate your funds daily, you can improve your cash forecasting and move funds where they can best be leveraged.

Our specialized zero-balance account offerings can help you efficiently consolidate funds from multiple accounts into a single master account. At the end of each business day, excess balances in sub-accounts are automatically transferred to your master account. We can help efficiently manage multiple accounts and hierarchies with these account offerings:

Demand Deposit Account (DDA): With interest and non-interest-bearing options, this transaction account helps you receive deposits or disburse funds. Funds kept in a DDA can earn credits to help offset overall account service fees.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA): This automated service links multiple deposit sub-accounts to a single “master” operating account—for timely, cost-efficient deposit consolidation into a single concentration account.

Corporate One Account (COA): This account works like a ZBA, with the addition of providing clients with the ability to receive location reporting for all transactions, adjustments and returns. This reporting is presented in BAI format. COA allows you to have a checking account at each location, and still keep funds centralized by sweeping them into a master account. You can see all debits and credits posted to each location.

These funds management options enable you to:
  • Easily and automatically move funds among multiple accounts.
  • Obtain a detailed audit trail of all transactions to expedite account reconciliation.
  • Help mitigate idle balances.
  • Use earnings credit to offset transaction fees.
  • Control daily treasury needs.
  • Access accurate daily cash position information.

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Our escrow manager simplifies management and record keeping by enabling clients who manage other people’s funds to gain better control over separate accounts.

With our automated solutions, you can collect, hold, and track escrow balances—while at the same time, keeping accounts segregated. You will have a master account, in addition to sub-accounts for each of your customers. This solution provides the reporting for you, including automatic form 1099 reporting to all sub-account holders, and monthly statements showing activity on all levels.

Let Our Escrow Manager help you:
  • Manage Escrow Manager sub accounts via a web portal.
  • Make disbursements easily.
  • Open and close sub accounts as needed.
  • Compile comprehensive reports on debits, credits, and interest.
  • Reduce costs associated with manual processes.
  • Streamline account opening and closing.
We know you need to consolidate deposits without hassles—and do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our Cash Concentration Service uses electronic ACH processing to help simplify deposits and disbursements—whether you want to move funds from or to your local deposit banks or other national collection points.

With Fifth Third Bank Cash Concentration, you can count on:
  • Help mitigating idle funds at outlying bank branches—thanks to consolidated balances.
  • Increased availability of working capital.
  • Improved cash flow information and control.
  • Additional capacity from systematically sweeping balances to a master account.

The Corporate One Account/Zero Balance Account

Centralize your deposits with The Corporate One Account© [Anchor Link to DDA & Account Services Expand Content]: a single concentration account where you can consolidate your deposits from any Fifth Third Bank location and compliment it with BAI information reporting.

You will benefit from:

  • Reduced operational costs and increased efficiencies (compared to traditional paper-based receivables processing methods)
  • Enhanced self-service options for your customers to make payments
  • Accelerated cash flows and improved cash forecasting through quicker availability of electronically cleared items
Here's how it works:

The end result: You are able to provide your customers with a convenient, consistent experience—customized to support your specific business needs. And improved payment channels mean faster access to your receivables.