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Fifth Third Bank

Information Management Solutions

Gain more control over your operations. Our information management solutions can help.

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Operate more efficiently

Now you can minimize wasted time while adding more value to your workday. With our convenient Fifth Third Direct® online portal, all the information and data you need to manage and grow your business is right at your fingertips.

Explore our information management solutions

Fifth Third Direct®

Fifth Third Direct® is the online engine that makes managing your organization’s finances easier. With everything in one location, Fifth Third Direct gives you:

  • An adaptive solution – Tailor the platform to meet your organization’s management needs.
  • Comprehensive visibility – See everything from daily cash operations to accounts, and more, all at once.
  • Increased productivity – Access from a single point, whether on desktop or mobile, to work faster, and more efficiently.

Account Reconciliation

With Fifth Third reconciling your accounts, you can depend on getting fast, accurate information. We generate comprehensive reports containing the data you need most using efficient computerized services to help minimize your fraud risk. We offer:

  • Partial reconcilement—Receive accurate check clearing information through a paid item report. We will review the check numbers of clearing checks and reconcile your account on a daily and monthly basis
  • Full reconcilement—A fully automated option provides detailed information on both paid and outstanding checks reconciled daily. At the end of the month we produce bank statements that show which checks have cleared and which have not
  • Controlled disbursement—Combine reconcilement with controlled disbursement, to minimize idle balances, put excess funds to work, and avoid needless borrowing

Fifth Third InfopoolSM

InfopoolSM allows you to increase control of your domestic and international banking by giving you third-party access to all your accounts through Fifth Third Direct®. With Infopool you’ll be able to:

  • Increase access and control over your foreign accounts
  • Gain uninterrupted access to all banking information
  • Take advantage of global account reporting
  • Customize security levels when assigning online account administrators and users
  • Consolidate balance and activity reporting
Global Trade Direct

To be competitive in the international marketplace, you need to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Fifth Third Global Trade DirectSM leverages the power of Fifth Third Direct®, our Internet portal, to help you better manage import and export activity online, including:

  • Initiating letters of credit
  • Receiving letters of credit
  • Monitoring letter of credit drawings
  • Initiating documentary draft collections
  • Receiving documentary draft collections
  • Receiving payment and amendment details
  • Handling discrepancies
  • Conducting real-time inquiries
  • Managing information about your international activity
  • Generating, viewing, and downloading reports