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Fifth Third Bank

Private Bank Investment Management

The Investment Management Group at Fifth Third Bank has
over 100 years of experience in helping high-net-worth
individuals and families meet their investment goals.

You can rely on our investment management team for personalized service, a wide array of solutions, and guidance at your desired level of involvement.

Our unique investment management strategy is based on our four core beliefs:

  1. Understanding your intent is imperative: Your Portfolio Manager will work with the entire Private Bank Team to gather the information needed to have a thorough understanding of your complete financial picture and what you want your money to do for you.
  2. Investment success is not random: Success requires a comprehensive investment process to properly meet your intent and objectives.

  1. The best investment advice is unbiased: Our Portfolio Managers can access a wide array of external, institutional quality asset managers, as well as internal resources, with no incentive to recommend or utilize one investment choice versus another.
  2. A dedicated Portfolio Manager is your link to our dynamic investment process where your investment portfolio can be carefully monitored and regularly rebalanced to reflect changes in either your circumstances or market conditions.

Our investment management professionals and solutions

Fifth Third Bank

Our Investment Management Process

Our expert investment specialists thrive on finding the right mix of products for each Private Bank client’s portfolio.

Every investor has unique needs and circumstances that require creative solutions. So, your dedicated Portfolio Manager will choose your investments from an extensive array of internal and external solutions, driven by your financial goals.

Our investment management process is centered on three key steps: Understand, Build, and Achieve:
  • Understand your goals
  • Build your portfolio
  • Achieve your objectives

Fifth Third Bank

Private Bank Dedicated Portfolio Management Team

A collaborative approach to portfolio management gives you sophisticated solutions and access to Private Bank’s best minds and expert advice.

Your Portfolio Manager collaborates closely with a team of highly credentialed professionals who focus solely on their area of expertise. Together, your Portfolio Management team develops and presents you with customized solutions and makes sure your investment management plan is coordinated with your overall wealth plan to help meet your short-term and long-term financial needs.

Fifth Third Bank

Private Bank Investment Diversification Options

Diversified investment options can help maximize your opportunities, so you can make the most of your wealth. The goal is to find the appropriate level of risk for your timeframe, your financial and life goals, and how tolerant you are of fluctuations in your portfolio.