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Fifth Third Bank

handle cash. efficiently. effectively.

More than 10,000 locations trust Fifth Third Currency Processing Solutions™ to help save time and money.

How 5/3 CPS Works
Fifth Third Bank

Customized Solutions

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery
  • Gaming Solutions
  • Money Services
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Casual Dining
a fast paced solutionsfor a fast paced environment

With several employees and shifts throughout the day, many sets of hands are touching money and managing cash drawers. Currency Processing Solutions eliminates the need for multiple touches and puts control back into your manager's hands. By cutting the time it takes your manager to continually count, reconcile and manage money coming in, CPS gives your manager 1-2 hours per day for other tasks such as focusing on the store, the food and your employees.

streamline cash management & increase employeesatisfaction

By giving retailers the ability to handle, reconcile and report cash – all on site, Currency Processing Solutions reduces the amount of trips to the bank, keeps managers and employees in the store, and helps make managing a myriad of banking relationships more efficient and less chaotic. With solutions for stores of all sizes, CPS gives retailers the ability to stay in the store and focus on the important tasks.

increase security &handle more money efficiently

Currency Processing Solutions changes the way managers and employees handle, reconcile and report cash within the convenience store setting. Reconciling tills takes less time. Reporting is in real-time, and an advance provisional credit can be applied to an existing bank account. By bringing all cash handling functions in-house, CPS reduces the amount of trips to the bank, keeps managers and employees in the store, and makes banking relationships more efficient.

worry less abouthandling cash

Currency Processing Solutions provides grocery stores with a cash handling tool to increase efficiency, save time and decrease risk of loss. Cutting the time it takes managers and employees to handle cash, CPS gives grocery stores the ability to reallocate workforce elsewhere in the store to help with other operational tasks and keep the store running smoothly.

immediate impact with theresults to prove it

Currency Processing Solutions provides gaming locations a cash handling solution that can save potentially hundreds of hours per week. For example, CPS saves the average food and beverage or retail employee a half hour per each 8-hour shift, multiply that by 125 employees and that's a savings of 62.5 employee hours per day. Cut down on the time it takes for cash management and reconciling, increase employee efficiency and keep the required cash on hand in the vault at all times.

increase peace of mind &confidence

Currency Processing Solutions provides money service managers and employees with peace of mind and confidence. CPS offers a device that keeps cash safe until courier pick up, a reporting system that offers real-time information, and the ability to reconcile drawers easily and swiftly.

simplifyinga complex environment

85 different stations $300,000. Hundreds of employees. That's the world of sports and entertainment venues. This type of cash management can easily cause chaos. Currency Processing Solutions offers a controlled environment for cash counting, saving each employee working on game/event days anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Once the event is over, managers spend on average 3 hours less time closing the books. With CPS, accountability and visibility take center stage, no matter how complex the environment.

taking the inefficiencyout of cash

In a world where servers are self-banked, Currency Processing Solutions significantly reduces the time it takes to reconcile and manage daily cash sales. Managers no longer need to leave the restaurant to make a deposit. Errors are reduced. Time is saved. CPS provides the processes, reporting, and accountability to help make cash handling worry-free and efficient.