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Managing Account Alerts: Are You Signed Up?

Here’s a quick overview of the types of award-winning1 alerts available to you as a Fifth Third customer:

Automatic Alerts

When you enroll in Account Alerts, there are some alerts you’ll get automatically — no set up necessary! These include Bill Payment, Online Security and Credit/Debit/ATM Suspicious Activity alerts.

Bill Payment

You’ll be notified for things like payee updates, payment cancellations, undeliverable e-bills and other alerts related to bill or e-bill payments.

Online Security

You’ll receive notification of user name or password changes, contact information updates, bank messages and other alerts related to general online security.

Suspicious Activity

If we suspect your Credit/Debit/ATM card is compromised, it will be turned off while we send you a text message to confirm whether a purchase is yours. Reply "yes" and your card will be turned back on. Reply “no” and we will shut down your card and send you a new one.

Some alerts need to be set up manually before you can receive them. You can find and manage these alerts under Manage Alerts. Here are a few important ones to consider:

Gas Station Transaction

Did you know the first place most fraudsters go with stolen card information is a gas station? Gas Station Transaction alerts will notify you any time your card is used at a gas station.

Online or Phone Purchase

You can always be notified whenever your card is used for an online or phone purchase.

Balance Threshold

If your account balance dips below an amount you specify during setup, you will receive a notification.

Other voluntary alerts to consider include: Payment Due Reminder, Transaction Threshold, International Transaction, Daily Balance and Overdraft Notice.

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